About Us

Choices, Inc. is creating a place to call home for homeless women and families through hope, opportunity, motivation, and empowerment.

The organization was founded in 1991 by a group of church members from Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty who saw, as they looked around the Phoenix Hill neighborhood, homeless women with few options or resources to change the conditions of their lives. Originally started as transitional housing for single homeless women in 1996, Choices has grown into permanent supportive housing for both single homeless women and homeless women with families.

Our main criteria have remained the same. The head of household must be homeless, and someone in the household must be suffering from a mental or physical disability.  Often our residents have also experienced domestic violence or other trauma. Residents receive case management, other supportive services, and life skills programming, which help them to succeed in housing and make healthy life choices.


Amy Kalberamy.kalber@choiceshome.orgCase Manager


Christian ClineAllied ElectronicsChair
Judy YatesRetired, Dare to Care, Center for Women & FamiliesVice Chair
Kim ShippeyVisually Impaired Preschool Services, Inc.Treasurer
Kathy BaucomBaptist HealthCare
Ken CalebsC&I Engineering
Jenna KlapperWoodForest National Bank
 Maggie Kapp Exeltis
Denise SaxtonAffordable Care, Inc.
Joey SnippWoodForest National Bank